Just another day

Its been weeks of hustle bustle at work and more so on the weekends. All the grinding that never seems to halt. And this weekend wasn’t so different too. I had bits and pieces of work dominating this time too.

However, what this time alone on weekends does is good for the poet. So let me tell you about the poem. This poem is about a fairly normal day, a day when nothing is out of balance and still something makes u feel sad. The feeling and its source may not be very obvious right at the moment, but it does throws you off a bit. Makes you ponder about the why’s and the how’s of this feeling.

That is what this poem about..


I feel the sad today

A touch of bad today

A vibe of mad today

Broken little lad today


A fleeting sense of loss

A haunting sense of loneliness

A directionless sense of abyss

A daunting sense of selfishness


Today is not a day I cry

Neither a day I wont try

Today is not a day with spills of dry

Neither a day I cry


What this does to me, Unknown

Like pollen in a January wind blown

But its making me grapple still

For the joy I held until

This sinking feeling today obscure

A breeze of insecure



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